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      1. catman Enterprise: The Leading Data Acquisition Software for Tests with Huge Channel Counts

        catman Enterprise DAQ software is the best choice for tests with up to 20,000 measurement channels and therefore ideal for aerospace applications. Share your measurement data live with the whole project team – worldwide.

        HBM brings the solution to your doorstep: Our experienced engineers will design and set up a turnkey system that is ready to measure.

        • Hardware overview in a matrix
        • Offline channel parametrization and intuitive data import
        • Logical grouping of channels (e.g. left wing)
        • One-click function test for all strain gauge channels
        • One-stop solution from sensor through amplifier to software
        • Fiber-optical and electrical sensors
        • Open architecture allows easy linking to the control system, stereoscopic camera systems, and other 3rd party hardware
        • Data export and analysis using HBM Prenscia’s first-class tools
        • Individual visualization options
        • For special requirements: Prediction lines, color-coded load levels and limit checking
        • Spreadsheet-based multiplication of visualization panels
        • Triggered pop-up for selected graphs
        • Server-client-architecture
        • Special triggers, e.g. snapshot, fast measurement
        • Enhanced customized functionality (scripting)
        • Integration of Avionics busses (ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553)

        Prediction Lines

        Prediction line (red) with tolerance band (yellow).

        Channel Health Check

        One-click function test for every single strain gauge channel by calibration with built-in shunt resistor: green = ok, red = not ok.

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        CANHEAD - Système d'acquisition de données distribué
        Système d'amplification réparti pour l'analyse expérimentale des contraintes et des essais de structures
        Jauges de contrainte
        HBM propose une très large gamme de jauges de contrainte électriques et optiques pour l'analyse des contraintes et la fabrication des capteurs.
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