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      1. HBM Representative in Russia

        KWT OÜ

        KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (КVТ) OÜ
        Narva mnt 1ЗА, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia

        КонтроллВахенд а Техника (КВТ) ОЮ
        Филиал Товарищества с ограниченной ответственностью «КонтроллВахенд а Техника (КВТ) ОЮ» в г. Москве

        117218, г. Москва, ул. Кржижановского, д. 14, корп. 3, офис 9

        Тел./факс +7 (495) 226-64-32/31

        Sales Email: info@kwt.ru
        Support: support@kwt.ru
        Website: http://www.kwt.ru

        Latest Innovations from HBM

        MXFS, the New Optical Interrogator
        Coming soon: The new optical interrogator for thermal validation and structural health applications. Ideal in combination with HBM's optical sensors.
        ClipX, the precise and easy-to-integrate signal conditioner
        This precise one-channel signal conditioner offers all modern automation interfaces, an intuitive web interface and smart functions.
        Z6R - Robust Bending Beam Load Cell
        The Z6R bending beam load cell is robust, easy to clean and compatible with the Z6 market standard.
        KFU Special Strain Gauges for High Temperatures Up
        The strain gauges of the KFU series are proven specialists for applications where high temperatures up to 350°C may occur - even across several days.