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      1. Data Acquisition Systems & Instruments

        Every data acquisition task has its own special challenges.

        Whatever your application, mobile or stationary, on a test cell or under extreme environmental conditions, HBM has the right measurement data acquisition system for your needs.

        Benefit from the unique "made by HBM" precision and reliability while enjoying the best possible price-to-performance ratio.

        QuantumX: Universal and distributable DAQ
        The QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ) is the perfect tool for all of your test and measurement needs. HBM are suppliers of this system.
        MGCplus: The Allrounder in Data Acquisition
        The MGCplus is the ultimate, scalable and configurable data acquisition system for laboratory and test stand use. It acquires data on many parameters.
        Precision Amplifiers and Calibration Units
        HBM are suppliers of the first choice of precision amplifiers and calibration instruments around the world.
        Signal Conditioners
        HBM offers a wide range of Signal Conditioners and Amplifiers for Production Control and Manufacturing (e.g. press-fitting, clinching and riveting).
        Optical Interrogators: for Fiber Optic Sensing
        Optical interrogators made to simplify your life. Complete your measurement chain with our optical sensors and the matching software.
        Power And Isolation Products
        Optimize data security in high-voltage measurement applications. The power and isolation products from HBM include high voltage DAQ.
        Weighing Terminals / Indicators
        Achieve weighing excellence with HBM's weight indicators, weighing terminals, and weighing electronics. We offer complete weighing solutions.
        Power Analyzers
        HBM eDrive testing consists of two components – the power analyzer and DAQ system which are used to test electrical drives.
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