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      1. Test Cell Measurements with HBM

        For testing prototypes, parts and components: Function tests and performance tests at test cells, test benches and in labs are an essential factor for improving products and increasing efficiency, reliability and innovation.

        No matter what your industry or application, you will find the right solutions with HBM for professional tests and inspections, at the test bench and in the lab.

        "The HBM products meet the metrological requirements here, whether in terms of measurement uncertainty, repeatability, synchronization of the measurements." Stéphane Londos, President GreenMot France. Read the case study

        Industry Solutions for Test Cell Measurements

        Automotive Industry

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for the Automotive Industry

        Load transmission testing, for example:

        • Tests for engine dynamometers
        • Tests for transmission and differential gears
        • Tests for electric motors
        • Tests for hydraulic pumps
        • Tests for hydraulic motors
        • Tests for charging units and power consumption

        Vehicle and component testing:

        • Measurement technology for functional test rigs
        • Tests for material resistance and fatigue
        • Tests for brakes
        • Tests for couplings
        • Tests for cardan shafts and load transmission
        • Crash tests and safety tests
        • Vehicle dynamometers, chassis dynamometers, roll test stands, rolling road
        • Hybrid drives

        Measurement solutions for the automotive industry

        Rail Industry

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for Railways and the Rail Industry

        Component tests at test benches (for approval of components by national regulatory authorities as part of strength tests, driving tests and braking tests):

        • Operation measurements for analysis of loads and component loadings
        • Structural durability testing of wheel set shafts, bogie frames, complete wheel sets, draw gear and buffing appliances, and superstructure components
        • Experiment-based strength verifications on rail vehicles
        • Operational vibration analyses
        • Metrological accompaniment during introduction of new components for superstructures and their field tests
        • Investigation into effects of vibrations on components
        • Planning, performance and documentation of measurements for documentation of the actual status
        • Measurements as per DIN 45672

        Measurement solutions for the rail industry

        Shipbuilding and shipping (Marine)

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for the Marine Industry


        • Tests for ship engines – testing of ship engines on test benches
        • Measurement data acquisition for shipbuilding simulations and trials
        • Tests and inspections of hulls

        Measurement solutions for shipbuilding and shipping

        Building and construction

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for Civil Engineering

        • Tests of components and building materials for durability and fatigue

        Measurement solutions for the construction and building industry

        Energy supply and networks

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for the Power Industry

        • Measurement data acquisition in the high-voltage range
        • Torque measurements on generators to improve efficiency
        • Testing switching systems
        • HV lightning impulse tests
        • Determination of current zero crossing

        Measurement solutions for testing high-voltage components

        Machine and plant engineering

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for Machine Manufacturers

        • Power and component tests with electrical and mechanical signals on pumps, compressors, sets, ignition coils, electrical doors, escalators and industrial machines

        Measurement solutions for machine and plant engineering

        Household Machinery Manufacturers

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for Manufacturers of Household and Industrial Machines

        • Power and component tests with electrical and mechanical signals on pumps, compressors, sets, ignition coils, electrical doors, escalators and industrial machines

        Wind Energy

        HBM Test Cell Measurement Solutions for Wind Turbine Manufacturers

        • Component tests on generators, blades and other components of wind turbines

        Measurement solutions for wind turbine testing

        Component and Performance Test Stands

        Test stands save costs by simulating under true-to-life conditions before the expensive practical tests are implemented.

        Constantly improving the performance of your products secures a competitive edge and increases market share. But as you strive for more quality, convenience and reliability, you come face-to-face with cost and time pressure.

        Furthermore, specialized test stands at the end of the production line when manufacturing drive trains, transmissions, powder dividers and shafts, for example, verify the correct assembly and quality of the components.

        Power Test Stands

        Modern test technology helps by reducing development times

        It is becoming more and more important to:

        • increase mechanical output power
        • improve efficiency
        • protect energy resources and
        • reduce environmental pollution.

        Which is why the demands made on test stands are constantly getting more stringent. Test stands have an important role to play in developing engines, powertrain components and brakes.

        Modern test technology helps by reducing development times, despite the ever-increasing complexity of concepts and requirements. The more stringent these demands become, the more important it is to have relevant measuring equipment.

        Torque transducers are usually at the heart of these test stands. Torque transducers from HBM, especially torque flanges, are impressively accurate, reliable and compact.

        Test Cell Measurement Solutions

        Transducers & Sensors

        for measuring torque, strain, force, pressure, displacement, load.


        Versatile and distributed data acquisition system


        Real-time data acquisition system with integrated calculating channels and optinal soft PLC

        Genesis HighSpeed

        Data acquisition system with extremely high sampling rates 


        Data acquisition system for high-channel count measurements

        Data acquisition software

        Professional acquisition and visualization of your measurement data

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