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      1. How to measure mechanical and electrical quantities

        Torque Measurement Tips & Tricks
        Torque measurement tips & tricks - learn more about the important basics of torque measurement
        Force Measurement
        Learn everything you need to know about Force Measurement and learn how to select the right Force Transducer. White papers, seminars and more.
        Strain Measurement Basics
        An introduction to strain measurement: discover all there is to know including tips and tricks from the best strain measurement experts.
        Load Measurement: Tips and tricks
        How to measure loads correctly? Our series of white papers, tutorials and video provides you with insights on the topic of load measaurement.

        Data Acquisition in Testing Applications and Industrial Environments

        EVIDAS DAQ Software Knowledge Base
        Everything you need to know about the data acquisition software EVIDAS. Case studies, webinars, white papers and more!
        catman DAQ Software Tips & Tricks
        Start your measurement straightaway with catman DAQ (data acquisition) software and many useful tutorial videos and tech notes.
        Signal Conditioners | Tips & Tricks
        Everything you need to know about industrial process control (IPC) and signal conditioners. Case studies, webinars, white papers and more!

        Power Analysis

        Power Analysis Knowledge Base
        HBM's power analyzer gives you insight into the inner life of your inverter and electric drive train. Learn more about it on our knowledge base page.
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