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      1. Upcoming Webinars

        Smart Signal Condition or PLC-Measurement

          Tuesday, November 5, 2019       11:00 AM ET       online

        This webinar discusses the technical possibilities of modern measuring amplifiers and signal conditioners in comparison to measurement possibilities of today's PLC controls with LIVE-demonstration.

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        HBK Field Services – PCB Testing

          Thursday, November 14, 2019       2:00 PM ET       online

        Whatever mechanical quantities you want to measure, the HBK Field Services Team can add value by performing your measurements, bringing added value to your product, boosting your capabilities and capacity, improving your processes, and transferring knowledge and technology to your organization. 

        Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) often are exposed to high mechanical load during the production and mounting process. These single events can pre-damage the board or the components mounted on the board and lead to a failure in the field. By measuring the stress in these processes, you can uncover potential weak points, improve the process and thus help improve the product quality. This webinar will discuss the problems you may encounter while stress testing PCBs and how to solve them.

        In this webinar we will review the basics of how to minimize the issues by choosing the right equipment, knowing how and where to apply the strain gauges and how to interpret the measuring results of the principal strains and strain rates in compliance with the IPC/JEDEC-9704A standard.

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        Dynamic Power Measurements: Electric/Hybrid Drives

          Tuesday, December 10, 2019       2:00 PM ET       online

        In this webinar, we will introduce HBM’s power analyzer which is designed for complex applications beyond 3-phase or 6-phase power and efficiency measurements.  We will discuss:

        • How it adapts to multi-motor drive systems, hybrid drives or complete electrical installations
        • Multiple inverters, motors, and batteries
        • How to setup and deliver complete power and efficiency results in real-time
        • Minimal setup time

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        What you need to know about our webinars

        • What is a webinar?
          The word webinar is a combination of web and seminar: A webinar, as the name implies, is an online seminar, presentation, course or - in some cases - discussion, that aims at teaching the attendees something about the webinar topic.
        • How can I attend one of the HBM webinars?
          Choose a webinar from the list. Click on the title to be directed to a subpage with information on the event and a registration button or directly to the registration page in our online webinar center, called WebEx. Follow the instructions to register for the webinar.
        • Which hardware do I need to attend a webinar?
          You need a computer with an internet connection and speakers or a headset to listen to the presentation.
        • What happens if I have technical problems during the webinar?
          No problem: During the webinar, you can address the presenter or the moderator via the Q&A feature. Your problem will be solved instantly.
        • Can I ask questions during the webinar?
          You can use the Q&A feature to ask questions, which will be answered after the presentation.
        • Do I need to pay for HBM webinars?
          No, all our webinars are free.
        • What if I register, but miss the webinar?
          If you cannot attend the webinar, you usually get the chance to watch a recording of the webinar on HBM.com a few days later. If you're registered, you will also receive an email with more information after the webinar.

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