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      1. Rugged Data Acquisition System for Measurements in Mobile and Harsh Environments

        The Somat product family of data acquisition systems including the Somat eDAQXReDAQeDAQlite and SomatXR have been developed for harsh environments, whether you are testing off road construction vehicles, agriculture equipment, or for lab applications with extreme temperatures, oils, dirt, or other harsh conditions.  Each application has different topology requirements, and with the Somat products you can decide which offers the right measurement system for your application. These topology requirements may be centralized, distributed, or a combination of both.

        Rugged design

        • Engineered for use in harsh environments
        • Shock and vibration proof
        • Utilization in an expanded temperature range
        • High degree of protection against dust and water

        Flexible system configuration

        • Centralized measurement systems for a compact test setup
        • Distributed measurement systems for flexible module positioning
        • Mixed topologies for maximum flexibility

        For any type of mobile testing

        • Data acquisition systems for interactive and stand-alone mobile testing
        • Testing of cars, trucks, and rail vehicles
        • RLDA (road load data acquisition), vehicle dynamics, functional tests, etc.

        Attention eDAQ and eDAQlite customers: Migrate your existing eDAQ or eDAQlite to the new eDAQXR and eDAQXR-lite platform and take advantage of the powerful browser based software that includes sensor database support, versatile real time strip charts, and other displays, including push notifications so your system can let you know when you should check on your test. 

        Typical Applications

        Agriculture and Construction Machinery

        • Mobile acquisition of loads acting on mechanical vehicle components over their complete life cycle (load data acquisition)
        • Testing of special vehicle functions and accessories (interchangeable tools and devices)
        • Monitoring of complete vehicles during use in extreme environments

        Road Vehicles (Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles)

        • Mobile acquisition of load on mechanical components on bad road surfaces or track (RLDA)
        • Testing of vehicle dynamics (ride and handling), functional and brake testing
        • Monitoring of complete vehicles

        Railroad Testing

        • Distributed measurements on passenger and freight trains with multiple railroad cars
        • Mobile data acquisition in rail transport such as test and acceptance runs
        • Monitoring of complete trains or track sections

        An Overview of Somat Rugged DAQ Products

        Further Reading:

        Software & Firmware Downloads for Somat eDAQ(lite) & eDAQXR
        Software & Firmware for Somat eDAQ / Somat eDAQlite
        Software & Firmware Downloads for QuantumX & SomatXR
        Software & Firmware Downloads for QuantumX & SomatXR
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