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      1. HBM Software Solutions

        EVIDAS DAQ Software
        EVIDAS is HBM's easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software for fast and straightforward results with an advanced design and clean workflow.
        catman DAQ Software
        catman DAQ (data acquisition) software allows for data visualization, automation and storage even during the measurement.
        High Speed DAQ Software Perception
        The Perception software is designed for fast and reliable processing of large amounts of data and is therefore ideal for high-speed data acquisition.
        Drivers & API
        See the compatibility list of HBM data acquisition systems with third party software like NI LabVIEW.
        HBM Prenscia
        Providing technical expertise, engineering software products, and services to deliver reliability, durability and performance enhancing solutions.

        More HBM Software-Products

        Weighing Software | Weighing Technology | PanelX
        PanelX is an innovative weighing software specially designed to meet weighing technology requirements to parameterize HBM products.

        Production Process Analysis | Quality Control | FASTpress
        The FASTpress suite is the perfect solution for use in production process analysis and supports function and quality control in production

        Test Control | Test Setup | Software | Somat TCE
        Somat Test Control Environment (TCE) is the test control and setup interface software that is supplied with every eDAQ and eDAQ-lite DAQ system.

        Field Analysis | Performance | Software | Somat InField
        Somat InField is a versatile field performance and field analysis software program that is optimized for use with Somat hardware.

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