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        Product Literature & Documents

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        If you are looking for an older product, please check the archive.

        CAD models & drawings

        More and more new product developments are being produced purely electronically by Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) systems.

        HBM can assist your CAE with 2D and 3D CAD models of numerous load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors, strain sensors and signal conditioners.

        Safety Data Sheets for HBM Strain Gauge Accessories

        Adhesives and covering agents for strain gauges may contain hazardous substances.

        Please click here for a list of Safety Data Sheets for all our products

        Strain gauge data sheets: Download via the production batch number

        The data sheet supplied with your strain gauge provides valuable product information, e.g. the strain gauge's temperature response.

        You cannot find your data sheet? No problem.

        Please click here to enter the production batch number of your strain gauge

        Calibration Certificates: Download your HBM Calibration Certificate

        The calibration certificate supplied with your product provides valuable product information.

        Here you can download all calibration certificates of HBM issued since May 2018.

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