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      1. Accessories

        The quality of a measuring point is not only dependent on the strain gauge itself but also on the type of application and its implementation.

        A perfectly functioning measuring point requires a thorough preparation of the application surface, careful bonding, correct connection, and a protective coating.

        With its strain gauge accessories, the HBM product range offers everything necessary for a good strain gauge application.


        Protective Coatings

        SG250 Silicon Rubber Covering Material for Sensors | Tube
        SG250 covering material is a transparent silicone rubber that is applied from the tube. It cures in contact with air at room temperature.

        Cleaning Material

        Strain Gauge Cleaning Material
        HBM provides different cleaning agents for cleaning measuring points and measurement objects prior to strain gauge installation.

        Starter Kits

        Strain Gauge Installation Sets
        Our strain gauge installation kits include all the materials you need for your strain gauge applications—available in beginner and professional variants.

        Solder Material

        Solder Material, Solder Terminals for Strain Gauges
        Soldering made easy: Installation of strain gauges is even faster with our soldering terminals and soldering aids.

        Wires & Stranded Wires

        Cables and Stranded Wires for Strain-Gauge Bridges
        Our cables, stranded wires, and jumper wires, which can enable you to quickly and reliably connect your strain gauges.
        Wires & Stranded Wires for Transducer Manufacturing
        Do you develop transducers and sensors and require the right cables and stranded wires for wiring? You will find all the right products here.
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