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      1. Weighing Terminals, Weight Indicators, and Weighing Electronics for a Wide Range of Applications

        With state-of-the-art functionality, industrial interfaces, software, and design our products are convincing and ideally suited for dynamic and static weighing applications. Whether it is for filling, dosing, check weighing, or sorting tasks, our weighing terminals, weight indicators, and weighing electronics are robust and durable even in harsh environments. Weighing excellence – with HBM's weighing terminals and electronics!

        We offer you complete weighing solutions that are adaptable to your needs – from sensors to software and services. Rely on HBM as a competent partner.

        Achieve Excellence in Weighing Technology with the New WTX Weighing Terminals

        Choose your terminal: the table shows you the most important tech specs for the new WTX weighing terminals.



        Industrial Ethernet & Fieldbus Interfaces

        Profibus DP



        WTX mobile app**

        Further Interface(s), e.g. for service, remote access or printing

        Ethernet TCP-IP for PanelX and WTX mobile app*
        USB 2.0 for e.g. keyboard, printer or update*


        TypeColor TFT (4.3")DOT-Matrix LCD


        DIN rail
        Panel Mounting (e.g. cabinet door)
        Wall mounting
        External cabinet display powered via WTX120 black box

        Load Cell Connection

        Analog strain gauge based sensors 44-3.3000 kΩ; 8 x 350 Ω
        Digital sensors e.g. C16i, PAD, FIT7A, PW15AH

        Power Supply

        12-30 VDC
        110-240 AC
        External battery 12-30 VDC (battery not included)

        Analog or Digital Interfaces

        Digital in- or outputs**
        Analog output**

        Legal for Trade Certifications  

        OIML R76 (10.000e)
        Legal for Trade (LfT) data storage*

        Intrinsically Safe Installation  

        In combination with safety barrier type 1-SB02A


        **Ethernet TCP-IP option required 

        WTX Weighing Terminals

        WTX110-A: Weighing Terminal
        "Weighing technology excellence" with outstanding price-performance ratio, IP69K protection class, and a big high-res. display.
        "Weighing Technology Excellence" with Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP, or Modbus-TCP serial port and PanelX software!

        PAD Digital Transducer Electronics

        PAD Digital Transducer Electronics
        The 1-channel digital amplifier PAD turns your analog sensor into a digital allrounder.

        Weighing Software

        PanelX weighing software
        PanelX is an innovative weighing software specially designed to meet weighing technology requirements to parameterize HBM products.

        Weighing Electronics, A/D Converters, Amplifiers

        This amplifier board converts the signals supplied by analog load cells into digital signals and is available with RS-485 2-wire communication and CAN.
        VKIA405 Amplifier
        Protecting storage places against overloading: Digital amplifier for connecting up to 4 strain gage load cells, with proven long-term stability.
        RM4220 Amplifier
        Strain gage amplifier with a 4 mA to 20 mA output signal. It is easy to install, simply snapping onto standardized support rails.

        Weighing Indicators

        WE2107 Weighing Indicator
        Whether it be static or dynamic, you can rely on this talented all-rounder to monitor and control your weighing processes.
        The digital weighing system DIS2116 enables your truck scales to comply with the latest requirements regarding security and efficiency.
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