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      1. Individual and on-site training

        HBM offers standardized and individual training sessions. The training can be held either at your premises or at the HBM Academy training rooms.

        The HBM Academy experts would be happy to prepare an individual training offer for you and your colleagues. Contact us – we will tailor an agenda specifically for you!

        Tel. 800-578-4260
        Fax 217-328-6576

        Email: seminars@usa-hbm.com

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        Events & Seminars
        The HBM Academy offers seminars and trainings for all knowledge levels from beginner to measurement application professional.
        Looking for measurement technology news, useful information or tips & tricks? HBM offers an extensive choice of recorded webinars.
        Trade Shows & Conferences
        HBM will be participating at various trade shows and events throughout the year.
        Contact us Please send a message and a representative will contact you shortly.