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      1. HBM Calibration Laboratory: Since 1977 a Synonym for Precision

        Since its foundation in 1977, the HBM Calibration Laboratory has been one of the most prestigious and powerful facilities of its kind around the globe. HBM was also the first calibration laboratory to be accredited under the DKD (German Calibration Service).

        Continuous investments in the expansion of the calibration laboratory ensure the highest precision and the best possible fulfillment of growing customer requirements.

        • Accredited according to ISO 17025
        • Accredited by "Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH" (DAkkS)

        Download Accreditation Certificate

        If you are in need of a repair/calibration, please complete our Materials Authorization Form (MRA) by clicking here.

        Calibration Services for Mechanical Quantities

        Force Calibration Services
        Benefit from the proven precision of the HBM calibration laboratory when it comes to calibrating your load cell.
        Torque Calibration Services
        Precision at its best: HBM is offering you advanced torque calibration facilities for your torque sensors up to 400 kNm.
        Pressure Calibration Services
        HBM can help to ensure the quality of measurement results with our pressure sensor and transducer calibration.

        Calibration Services for Electrical Quantities

        DAkkS Calibration
        Voltage Ratio mV/V
        Decades of know-how from manufacturing calibration instruments and measuring amplifiers for this measured quantity.
        Calibrate Your DAQ Module
        Ensure the accuracy of your DAQ device with HBM's professional and accredited calibration services - in our lab or on your premises. Schedule a slot today!

        More Calibration Services

        Somat Calibration
        HBM can now service and calibrate eDAQ + Smart modules fully traceable to ISO 10012.

        Good Reasons for HBM's Calibration Laboratory


        • Directly connected to the National Metrological Institute in Germany (PTB, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
        • Regular assessment of the calibration laboratory by independent experts


        • Use of calibration machines for mechanical quantities and reference standards for electrical variables with very low measurement uncertainty (best values among commercial calibration institutes) 
        • Worldwide unique range of services for the accredited measuring quantities
        • Optimal advice thanks to 40 years of experience from one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring technology


        • Calibration of individual sensors or as a measuring chain (at the same price): Choice in your hands
        • Many calibration services also available on-site at your premises
        • Individual calibration according to mandatory standards in the full or partial range of your sensor

        Recommended for you

        Calibration Certificates
        Sample calibration certificates for all measured quantities covered by the HBM calibration laboratory can be downloaded from this page.
        Interactive Calibration Certificate
        Our interactive calibration certificate explains the individual elements of the DakkS calibration certificate step by step.
        Guidelines: Determination of calibration intervals
        A professional calibration is key for precise measurements. But what is the right calibration interval for your indiviual application?
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