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      1. HBM Strain Gauges: First Choice for Strain Measurements

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        The strain gauges measurement chain at a glance

        Strain gauge catalog

        Download the strain gauge catalog and find out about our extensive choice of strain gauges.

        HBM's reference book

        Download our free reference book: An Introduction to Stress Analysis using Strain Gauges.

        Find the equivalent strain gauge

        Enter strain gauge part numbers from other manufacturers and immediately find the HBM equivalent.

        Purchase strain gauges online

        Visit the HBMshop and discover our large range of strain gauges and strain gauge accessories.

        Product Literature

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        Data Sheets
        Declaration of Conformity
        English, German

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        Strain Gauge Fundamentals
        Basics and fundamentals of strain measurements with focus on electric strain gauges and Experimental Stress Analysis.
        EVIDAS DAQ Software
        EVIDAS is HBM's easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software for fast and straightforward results with an advanced design and clean workflow.
        Events & Seminars
        The HBM Academy offers seminars and trainings for all knowledge levels from beginner to measurement application professional.
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